Donald Trump Transgender Military Ban


Today Donald Trump announced on twitter that transgender people aren’t allowed to serve in the military any more. When reporters asked the Pentagon what was going on they didn’t know. Yup our commander in chief is now expecting the Pentagon to take orders over Twitter. This whole presidency has been all twists & turns you never know what’s going to happen next. What you do know is that it’s going to be bad.

The reasoning behind the ban is financial reasons. They say transgender troops cost too much. Well that mind blowing number is $8.4 million. Less than pocket change to the military. These troops have earned their health care by sacrificing themselves for this country. Trump has cost tax payers $29 million on personal trips to Mar-A-Lago. Where are the conservatives on that one?

We must not allow ourselves to be bullied by these bigots. If you’re fit to serve in the military you should be able to. Your sexuality or what you identify yourself as should has no bearing on it. It’s 2017 & we should be past this bullshit. Many brave men & women of all sexuality & genders have served this country with honor & many have given the ultimate sacrifice. LGBTQ is just who these people are there is no difference between LGBTQ & straight people. We need to stop judging people on who they are having sex with and start judging them for their actions.

That’s what Donald Trump fears the most. People actually being judged on their merits because he has none. The man kicking out these brave soldiers was to much of a wimp to serve in Vietnam because of “bone spurs” we see you Donald for the sniveling coward that you are. Commander In Chief? More like Coward in Chief. The funniest thing of all this is our commander in chief wouldn’t even qualify for the military because of how much of a scumbag he is.

So if you’re transgender & in the military contact the Aclu

Thank you for your service all transgender active & vets. You’re all better human beings than Donald Chump

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