Elizabeth Warren Get Money Out Of Politics


Today Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren came out with a get money out of politics plan. That’s right something I have been calling for is becoming mainstream from a great candidate. If we want to take our country back we need to stop the legalized bribery.

Liz Warren today said she will not accept money from Pacs, Big Money donors, & no donor dinners. That’s right she’s put all other candidates & the American people on notice that she’s not for sale. This was a big moment in American politics. If she can make this the standard the USA just got a lot better for the 99%.

I’m for Bernie Sanders & think that a Bernie & Elizabeth ticket would be unstoppable. BUT, I love Elizabeth Warren being in the race. She forces us to see the issues like Bernie & will force the other Dems to get behind the right side of history. I’ve had enough of the Elites buying their way to more money while we all suffer. We the people DEMAND this be put to an end.

Go to https://elizabethwarren.com if you want to donate to her. Like I said Bernie is my choice but Elizabeth is MORE than worthy of your consideration.

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