Get Money Out Of Politics


One of the main goals of XUFN in 2018 is that we’re going to start getting money out of politics. If we’re able to make it so that corporations can’t buy politicians they will start to serve the people again. Of course it’s not that easy but we’ve got to start the steps towards in NOW! It was meant to start sooner but well I screwed that up. But it’s game time.

It’s time to take our country back from our corporate overlords. It’s time to make the constitution mean something again. The good parts not the bullshit parts of course. It will be We The People… Not We The Corporations… once again. I am starting up GMOOP where we will expose politicians of all sides & their dirty dealings. I don’t care if you’re a (D), (R), or (I) if you’re not working for the people it’s time to go.

I believe that every citizen of this country should have equal say in how this country is run. It’s time for We The People… To DEMAND we have an equal say or it’s time to take to the streets again & occupy EVERYTHING. With a combination of a political revolution & earning our spots on ballots from local to federal positions in government we can take over. Show them who really has the power.

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