Right To Try


Today the senate passed an important bill. It’s a bill that allows critical patients to try experimental drugs to possibly save their lives. I’ve been calling for this basically FOREVER. It’s always just made sense to me that if someone is dying why not let them try everything possible? What could go wrong, they die which is what was going to happen anyways. At least with this there is a chance. Plus you have the opportunity to have some real work trials of drugs that could advance their acceptance if they work by years. Saving many thousands of lives in some cases.

So thank you Senate for doing something right for a change. Stop with the bickering that most Americans just don’t care about and start passing laws that will help every American. There is so much basic work that should be simple for both sides to get done but we can’t because of politics. It’s time to get all the important basic stuff out of the way. Then once that’s done start working on the big stuff. Get health care fixed. Get Taxes fixed, & get immigration reform fixed. With all the basic everyday stuff done they would be able to come to a fair solution for everyone on those 3 huge subjects.

Of course that will never happen because this isn’t about being fair it’s about pandering to the people that pay for our politicians. It’s about trying to position yourself to get that sweet PAC money so that you can continue to get reelected. As soon as we Get Money Out Of Politics that’s when we will start seeing justice for the people done. GMOOP. But for today we shall accept this small victory as we gear up to win some more rights for all of us.

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