John McCain Has Brain Cancer


Tonight it was revealed that Senator John McCain has brain cancer. All over Twitter reporters & politicians are saying how great of a guy he is & wishing him well. He’s of course seen as a war hero as well for his time as a POW during Vietnam. You know what? That doesn’t excuse him for being a piece of shit for 30 years. You may think i’m being harsh but this man has done a lot of harm to this country & it’s citizens. I will not stand for the whitewashing of this war hawk.

Do I wish him ill? Of course not but I’m also not going to shed a tear for a man that has caused thousand of US Troops to be killed & hundreds of thousand of innocent civilians to be killed. Why mince words just because he’s sick? Why do we forgive & forget many politicians when they get sick or die? Well no more! If you’re a despicable human being that’s harmed this country you will be held to account. You will not get a pass in any way.

The way the media is fawning over him is what pisses me off the most. He’s got them wrapped around his little finger. That’s always dangerous and that’s what allows war hawks to do what they do & still stay in power. I wish a full recovery for him. I also wish this makes him retire so that he can’t hurt any more people. This man is getting full health care while at the same time trying to kill the healthcare of millions of people. We’re supposed to feel bad for him? Well no, We will not back down anymore, we will not forgive, we will not forget. It’s time history started to remember these scumbags for who they were and what they really did.

Will John McCain come back from this and be a decent human being? Will he understand that the healthcare that we’re paying for him should be enjoyed by all? Will he take this life threatening issue & stop wanting to bomb other countries for no reason? Will he start to value life of all people no matter their situation? Of course he won’t. If he doesn’t i’ll be the first to post a retraction & praise him becoming a decent human being. But I’m not going to hold my breath or I would be deader than the people he’s trying to deny health care.

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