Marjorie Taylor Greene our favorite GA troll has landed 2 prime committee assignments. Kevin McCarthy has put her on Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Pandemic & Homeland Security Committee. We all know she’s a bit cray cray but what makes these 2 things especially egregious is what she believes.

For instance she said a “so called plane” crashed into the Pentagon. So yeah a 9/11 conspiracy nut not a great fit for homeland security in my opinion. Then the fact she championed January 6th events. You have to think not such a great idea to give her access to all the classified info that’s going to go through those committees.

Now for the Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Pandemic. Like really have you not listened to this woman over the last few years at all Kevin McCarthy? Oh wait you did but you sold out literally all of America and the world to get your speakership. This will end up costing hundreds of thousands of more lives as she poisons the well of this Pandemic. Just remember she was banned from Twitter for spreading Covid disinformation. Heck as recently she tweeted we didn’t know what’s in the covid vaccines. Even though you can get that info at the CDC.

She’s anti Mask & Anti-Vaxx so yeah let’s put her on a committee that’s supposed to keep a few hundred million people safe. Committees all over DC are getting filled by clowns like MTG because they made deals with Kevin McCarthy to get to be Speaker. I’m not a fan of how Dems bungled these committees but I fear GOP is going to make them look like geniuses. Things are going to get very ugly and I’ll try and keep up with as much of the important parts as I can to share with you guys. Good Luck, We’re going to need it.

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