Net Neutrality


Net Neutrality. I’m sure you’ve been hearing a lot about it recently. There is a reason for that. The FCC is trying to kill Net Neutrality. Now why would this government agency want to kill an open internet?

You have to look past the FCC. You have to look at who is buying who in DC. This all comes down to big corporations like Comcast & Verizon are trying to take control of the internet. You may be saying take control of the internet? Yeah right. Well it’s actually not that hard to do. If Net Neutrality is killed it will allow ISPs to change how you see & control the internet.

You may not see that as a big deal but if you like paying one price for the internet a month & expect to watch all the Netflix you want without further charges those days would be over. They could charge you an extra fee to watch netflix.

ISPs generally have low marks when it comes to the general public. They treat customers like crap & do everything they can to raise your rates while giving you as little support as possible. Is this really who we want to allow to run the internet? I say hell NO. Have data count the same no matter who is sending it out. The internet is 1 & 0’s when you break it down. The only difference is the greed of those who have bribed their ways into monopolies. So PLEASE visit & make your voice be heard.

Featured Pic Source “Net Neutrality – Corporate Interests keep working for death” by DonkeyHotey is licensed under CC BY 2.0

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