No More War Send Aid Not Troops To Venezuela

No War Only Food & Medicine

There has been a fight going on in Venezuela between President Nicolás Maduro and claimed interim President Juan Guaidó. Now their mess is becoming a mess of ours? We sent aid & Maduro blocked it. I can see why he would since he’s a dictator & his country has oil. So with Guaido wanting us to step in there is legit reason to worry for Maduro. Our track record on “Helping” oil rich states is a walking war crime.

I have zero problem giving aid of Food & Medicine to Venezuela but they can’t have our Troops EVER. We need to get out of the oil & military industrial complex game. It’s ruined the world & made the US a target. All for the goal of enriching a few select Billionaires. I’m sure there will be a time when the US military is actually needed to stop an atrocity, But this is not the time. They need to work this out on their own.

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