Seriously Eric Adams is cracking down on homeless people in the subway while cutting homeless service budge by $615 Million. Who does that? A scumbag does that. These people don’t have it hard enough? Only a coward that doesn’t have any ideas does something like this. Only an authoritarian POS does something like this. After seeing the history of the Mayors office as a whole do people think they are required to vote for the worst human applying for the job possible?

Then there is the whole matter of him putting a right wing homophobic pastor in as the head of immigrant affairs. Like seriously why are not more people asking for a recall? I think in his short term as Mayor he’s more than shown that he’s not fit for the job. He’s using the job to enrich his friends and family with cushy jobs. He’s hiring terrible people to run departments that people count on. Especially during a pandemic.

It’s amazing that he won. Like seriously in a city of 8.8 million THIS is the best that you can do? Instead of putting him in how about putting someone in that actually wanted to help the people? Oh yeah that’s right there were options like that but the media didn’t treat them like they had an option. It’s just so vile that such an important city is in the hands of a handful of scumbags on both sides. Doesn’t matter if a Republican or a Democrat wins office they always protect the same small group of people instead of helping the masses.

Now Eric Adams a former cop is cutting funding for all sorts of programs while planning to give his cop friends more money. This isn’t about inflated crime statistics this is about paying back his friend in blue at the expense of every other department that helps people. We need , no we MUST do better in who we allow to be in control of things. We need to make sure that every sector is taken care of. From crime to healthcare to schools to homeless programs if they aren’t all running at 100% people start to fall through the cracks. We have what it takes to take care of people but we refuse to because of greed & electing bad people over and over again.

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