Trump The Chump Coming Soon


As we all know our Commander In Chief has a lot of stories about him come out every day. So instead of clogging up with it we will be launching . To see if we can beat the Chump that is the President of the United Stated of America. Sure the big stories will be covered here on XUFN but there is just so much material that is released on a daily basis it’s worth it to have it’s own stand alone site. The way the DNC is going I fear we’re going to have him as POTUS for 2 terms. So it will be a best of the worst of stories & memes. There will be a lot of humor but also some serious articles on how best to Trump The Chump.

This is one of many many sites/projects we have coming your way in 2017 & beyond. There will be a secure form so that you will be able to submit tips & leaks. Of course everything will be vetted better than Donald vetted his cabinet. So as we build and we take aim at the weakest most powerful man in the world we’ve ever had remember it’s okay to be mad at him & laugh at him. Seriously there is plenty of depth to this mans absurdity. Have you ever seen his hands? His pantie lines? His downright over the top bigotry. It’s going to be realer than most of the Fake News out there.

Just for the record even though it’s his name the President is the Chump part of the domain & the Trump part stands for us beating him with the truth & a lot a bit of humor. It will be launching next week.

Featured Pic Source: “Donald Trump – King of the GOP Jungle” by DonkeyHotey is licensed under CC BY 2.0

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