The US is doing what it does best war mongering. Russia is having some issues with the Ukraine. They still think they own them even though they broke away in 1991 when the soviet union fell apart. They have had off and on issues about the Crimea for years. The real issue now is that the Ukraine is looking to become a part of the European Union by 2024 & become part of NATO. But Vladimir Putin being who he is really can’t allow that. Especially with the protests that have taken place because of opposition leader Alexei Navalny. The Ukraine doesn’t even want the US to get involved and looking at our history who can blame them?

The real problem is that we’re so anti Russia that we aren’t looking at how problematic the Ukraine is. They have a major Nazi problem. Oh and I’m not talking the hyperbolic Nazi problem I’m talking full on Nazi problem. We’re now arming them and pledging troops. I see this as problematic. Don’t we have enough failures on our record when it comes to picking sides?

But the really real problem is that President Joe Biden approval ratings are at 33% and inflation is at 40 year highs. So what does a US President do? Give Medicare For All ? Give Stimulus Checks ? Raise the Minimum wage ? Nope get a pet or go to war. It’s the only tried & true method that doesn’t include making your Billionaire donors mad. Biden & Harris polls are so low in the 30’s & 20’s we’re getting a new pet & war. So the only people that are going to be happy are Biden & Wall St Military Industrial Complex share holders. Which also include many of congress of course.

So how about we let Putin & Ukraine work stuff out before we jump into another conflict & especially this time since it’s against a Nuclear power. Look at the last 6 months of Lockheed Martin stock that October drop was when we left Afghanistan. You didn’t think the MIC would let us not be at war did you? On the bright side at least Joe Biden has Putin being a dick at the right time and doesn’t have to bomb an aspirin factory like Bill Clinton did.

Here is the stock of Northrop Grumman same October drop and now on the rise because Wall St knows they can count on us always being at war.

Here is Ukrainian band Jinger Home Back Anti-War masterpiece.

JINGER Home Back

Oh and just a reminder at least 15 members of congress that shape what our military does have stocks from defense contractors. The whole system is dirty. Time to invest in people not destroy them.

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