Jerseys Rants

Helping and Educating People One Rant at a Time…

I will never put you down for your beliefs or the way you want to be, as long as you are not a Dick then we are ok.. I love helping people in need like our Homeless/Veterans and People that are suffering from Cancer/Lupus/MS and many other Sicknesses..

But most of all we just want to do the right thing, you are never going to change things pissing people off to the point as to where they do not listen.. But some individuals do provoke a Wise Ass Answer..

Here at XUFN we can be Goofballs and love to laugh and have a good time, a lot of our sites and up and coming shows will show that.. But there is stuff that needs to be done with our Government and well our daily lives..

So join me and well Us to have fun but get shit done !..