Eclipse 2017


On August 21st all of North America will be treated to a solar eclipse. The last full solar eclipse over North America was 38 years ago. So this will be a first for many. It’s VERY important that you watch this safely. You HAVE to use special glasses to watch the solar eclipse or you could go blind*. No regular sunglasses will not work. You need ISO 12312-2 international safety standard rated glasses.

The good news is these are readily available for cheap or even for free. There are 7000 libraries giving out over 2 million eclipse glasses. Follow this link to see if there is as library in your area giving them out  if you can’t get one there check your local stores they should be readily available.

Sadly only a small percentage of the country is going to get the full solar eclipse. What you see depends on where you are. Here is a map from NASA showing what percentage of the eclipse you will see.

So be smart & be safe. For all the details you will ever need about this eclipse go visit the page NASA has for it. I would love to see your pictures of the eclipse. Tweet them to me  we won’t have another full solar eclipse in North America until April 8th 2024 so enjoy.

Go here for the time of the eclipse in your area

Tech Radar has a good rundown of the various ways of taking a picture of the solar eclipse You can see that HERE

* if you’re in the very narrow section of the country that gets the total eclipse it is safe to look at it without glasses when it’s in totality. Basically when the sun is 100% blocked out. But seeing as that’s a small percentage I figured it was safer to giver the asterix as I know there will be many idiots that will hurt there eyes no matter what anyways.

Featured Picture Source: “Solar Eclipse” by Ashutosh Ojha is licensed under CC BY 2.0

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