10 Years Of XUFN


Happy Birthday to XUFN today marks 10 years since I came up with the idea of XUFN. From the start it’s always been my intention that XUFN just be an extension of my mind. To bring attention to the things that I think are cool or interesting. A lot of that has been about politics & helping people out that are in need.

I’ve used XUFN as a tool in the past to help get support where support was needed. I have done a lot of good with XUFN over the years but I want to do more. I occupied Buffalo with that branch of Occupy Wall St. I’ve also done a lot of help & support anonymously.

Well at 10 years old XUFN is now ready for it’s next chapter. I am stepping up production of content. I am ready to take on Democrats & Republicans to make sure that We The People are taken care of & not just corporations & billionaires. I’m going to be producing lots of websites to fund XUFN. XUFN needs that funding to reach it’s final form. A platform for like minded people that just want to make the world a better place.

I will be bringing on more writers/reporters to give some of the best unbiased written & video content around. They will join Jerseys Rants & I in taking the battle to the scum of the earth. That take out tax dollars but whine when they have to help people out. Jersey was busting his ass this weekend getting people supplies & bringing them to shelters. He’s my number 2 man. He’s done so much publicly for XUFN while I have busted my ass behind the scenes. It’s time to show my pretty face on a regular basis. I am currently searching for a good place to move so I can actually have the internet that I need for a full time studio.

Well it’s my baby so it’s time for me to take the reigns & grow it to where I think it should be. So as a 10th Birthday present to myself I am declaring war on all who dare to pick on the little guy. If you’re a politician D, R, Or , I I will make sure you’re not elected again. I will make sure that. I will use my platform to inform people of what is in their best interest. I will inform them that they need to vote you out. It’s time for me to start reminding people that the only way to get what you want is to vote for your best interest. We will also be pushing forward on Fuck Wall St. A program that’s meant to help take power back from billionaires & put the power back in the hands of the American People & small business.

There will of course be fun posts talking about Movies, Video Games, Books, DIY Projects, Exercise Tips, Conventions I’m going to be going to, Interviews with everyone from Politicians to Movies & TV stars to Homeless People on the street.

So Thank you for all the support & know that we’re just going to get bigger & stronger. We’re going to have many arms of the XUFN that will be reaching out everywhere to help out those in need. If you want to be part of my volunteer army please email me at Kevin@xufn.com or message me on Twitter.com/xufn or Facebook.com/xufncom I would love your input & if this actually ever made any money I would work out a plan to make sure that everyone was fairly compensated. It’s not easy fighting for what’s right so that’s why it’s volunteer right now. So think of this as doing good for your fellow man with hopefully the possibility of making a little cash in the future.

Attached is a picture taken a few minutes ago. See I’m still purdy…

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