Happy New Years XUFN 2018 And Beyond


Happy New Years everybody. 2017 was a pretty shit year for XUFN. It was much more of a planning year than I had planned. But hey life sometimes throws you curves. The last 3 years have been full of ups & downs for my family & I but things are turning around. Jersey has been keeping things running for me. He really has been the XUFN MVP for a few years running. He has big plans for 2018 as well. I’ll let him tell you about those in his own time though. But now it’s my turn. It’s time to turn XUFN into what it should have always been.

So in the next few days I’ll be detailing some new site additions to the XUFN Network. Some political & some entertainment based. I will also be self publishing a few books this year. There will also be regular video content. I’m eyeing a house with a nice yard where I plan on putting a stand alone studio. We’re going to have fun but also make a difference. So lets have us an awesome 2018 & help as many people as we can as we are also pains in the asses for politicians.

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