Migraines Suck


Been a little quiet here on XUFN the last week or so. I would like to apologize for that. Jersey was traveling & I’ve had the worst bout of migraines of my life. It started as a regular migraine but I decided it was smart to start my new diet. I have only had water for the last week. Which for me cut out a lot of caffeine & sugar. Needless to say my body didn’t approve.
I am feeling a lot better finally but boy did last week suck. On the bright side the little work that I did get done was planning on trips to take for XUFN. To go see awesome people and great places. It’s time to grow the XUFN Family. There are a lot of extraordinary people doing extraordinary things so I want to give them a voice.
Before I can travel though I am going to spend the next month trying to lose as much weight as possible. As of last week I was at 352 lbs & my back is not happy with that. I will be doing some travel as I cut my weight down but it will not go into full swing until I am about 300. My goal weight is 250.
So some cool places & cool people will start being featured on XUFN soon. It won’t come as a surprise a lot of these people are doing good for their fellow man, woman, Other, Child, & animals. There will be many places just for fun though. Personal bucket list trips for myself that I will share with you.
I was supposed to have a post last Wednesday to start off my weight lost goal but that went out the window with the migraines. So tomorrow I will be back with my first weekly weigh in. I’m not sure if I’ve lost any weight but I feel a lot better drinking just water for a week & I plan on keeping that up until I reach my goal. There will be breaks of course as I go out to bars with beer, whiskey & great food when I travel & meet people. But other than those little cheats which you will all see I plan on being very strict on this weight loss mission.
Image Source: “Migraine headache painting” by Jelene Morris is licensed under CC BY 2.0

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