People have mocked Joel Embiid for saying he should be MVP over and over. Not Philadelphia 76er fans though of course as most of them are very hardcore & loyal. I’m a Celtics fan so I know a thing or two about slightly over evaluating our talent. I truly think that other than the foul baiting Joel Embiid is a hell of a talent. Heck could be generational talent if he didn’t play such an ugly brand of basketball. It’s actually quite frustrating because he doesn’t need it.

One of the biggest parts about him not winning MVP is he can’t be that valuable if he’s not available. Why should he get a nod when other players with similar stats just play more? In his career (regular season) out of 677 games he’s missed 356 games. That does include missing his first 2 complete years. But it’s just too much. Gotta be on the court to be MVP. Last year though he played his most amount of games with 68 out of 82. So he played 82% of the season. With load management that’s not actually that bad these days. But he also lead the league in free throws. Which lead to him leading the league in scoring. It’s not nearly as impressive as how Jokic scored and well did all the other Joker things for his team. I mean Embiid shot 803 free throws last season making 654. Joker shot 468 free throws and made 379.

Embiid averaged 30.6 last year , Jokic 27.1 take away Embiids bullshit free throws and they end up about the same in scoring average. Plus as we all know Joker just does a lot more overall to make his team better making him the obvious choice for MVP and he will probably end up getting his 3rd in a row meaning Joel Embiid will yet again get the highly embarrassing Most Valuable Philadelphian trophy. But that’s what happens when he’s already missed a 1/4 of this season.

I fear that Joel Embiid is running out of time to win a title especially in Philadelphia. Especially with the rise of the Celtics in the east and the always looming Bucks. Plus a lot of the young teams in the division are going to be a handful in a year or two. He actually seems like a very nice guy that actually gives a shit about winning and you never want to see a guy like that especially when this talented go ringless. But only after my Celtics are eliminated of course because otherwise that’s just crazy talk.

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