The New England Patriots just got destroyed by the Buffalo Bills 47-17 . Sad thing is it wasn’t even that close. It’s clear to me this will be an ongoing trend for years to come if the Patriots don’t get some speed. Wait not some speed a LOT of speed on both the offense and defense. They were made to look like fools tonight. I didn’t expect the Patriots to win but I did expect them to put up a fight. It wasn’t even lack of effort they just got steamrolled. It was embarrassing to see and something we should get used to if we can’t find some speed.

You can’t give up 174 rushing yard and only get 89 rushing yards and expect to win any game.

Mac Jones is a rookie but he has a lot of potential. He is however NOT Tom Brady so we need to surround him with better weapons. We need to give him better field position. If the Patriots Defense can’t stop being run over that’s an impossibility. There is not easy answer and with the salaries as they are it’s going to take a few years to really make a difference. Are the Patriots willing to reboot their team and strategies? I’m not sure they are. It was a good season by a rookie QB and lots of changes on the team. But with how slow they are right now I don’t see how they have a chance to be anything other than a make it to the playoffs and be one and done.

Just look at the passing stats for the night. Mac Jones just never stood a chance because Jared Allen played almost a perfect game because he has zero pressure on him all night long.

This team isn’t completely lost but they have a lot of older players in an ever increasing speed game. They just can’t keep up with it. So what do you think? Is it time to cut/trade some of our veterans that just can’t keep up in hopes of improving our chances of actually competing?

Good luck Bills you’ve finally made it past the Patriots on your quest to meet the iceberg that is Tom Brady in Tampa Bay .

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