The Nightmare is finally over for the NFL. After 22 years Tom Brady has decided to retire. Sort of nuts he’s retiring while still playing at such a high level. Just having 2 of his best years in a row including his only seasons with back to back 40 TD & over 9000 passing yards in that time. But after the career he’s had how can anyone complain that he’s not given enough? It’s been an honor Tom as a life long Patriots fan you brought us the light after so many years of darkness. I didn’t begrudge you one second when you decided to move on to Tampa. Heck I totally understood it. You’re the goat & they didn’t want to give you proper weapons. Imagine what the stats would be if you played in a dome and actually had world class receivers your entire career?

Tom Brady Shows Off 7 Super Bowl Rings: ‘How It’s Going’

Here are his stats and they don’t even tell half the story. His true power was in his clutch gene. But just the Raw Numbers are unbelievable.

  • #1 in TD 624
  • #1 in Passing Yards 84520
  • #1 in Wins 243 (Next closest is Brett Favre & Peyton Manning at 186)
  • #1 in Super Bowl rings with 7
  • #1 Career leader in playoff TD Passes 86 (Next Closest Montana & Aaron Rodgers with 45)
  • #1 Career leader in playoff Passing Yards 13,049 (Next closest Peyton Manning 7,339)
  • 3 x MVP
  • 5 Time Super Bowl MVP
  • 15 Pro Bowls
  • .769 win percentage in the regular season

Here are his regular season stats

Tom Brady Regular Season Stats Click To Embiggen

Here are his Playoff Stats

Tom Brady Playoff Stats Click to Embiggen

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Hard to believe it’s over and while the NFL as a whole will be relieved as they now have a much better shot at success you will be missed. It’s now time for other QBs to shine and while they may be great I have little doubt your records will stand for a really really long time. Because unlike you they are not the GOAT ! Oh and now maybe the haters can stop an appreciate what we were all lucky enough to enjoy over the last 2 decades +


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