Today Commissioner Robert Manfred has announced that MLB is getting Universal Designated Hitter & Draft Lottery. I think that both will be great for the game. Sure I love seeing pitchers hit and more often than not make fools out of themselves but times are a changing. I think the added action & drama at a great hitter having a chance at actually impacting the game is great. Especially when it comes to keeping kids attention on the game.

I think the Lottery Draft is wonderful because it will keep teams from tanking. Nothing worse than a team that’s had a rough start deciding to mail it in for the rest of the season when there are 100+ games left. It’s just not fair to the fans. I love baseball and want to see it thrive and I believe that todays 2 announcements will help.

It was also announced that as of now there are no changes in the spring training schedule. I really hope that means they are close to a deal to get the games back up and running on schedule. Baseball really doesn’t need another black eye with a long term stoppage of play. I’m sure they can come to a deal that is fair to both sides. I just hope both sides are willing to give for the good of the game.

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