Netflix just raised subscription prices. Prices now start at $9.99 for Basic , $15.49 for Standard , $19.99 for Premium. Not exactly a good move in this economy. Plus all their competition now their value proposition is waning fast. I personally am going to probably add it to my get it when it’s time to binge instead of keeping it all the time .

Lets talk a little about the Netflix Tiers

Basic : $9.99 with 480p video for one screen. Not going to look very good on HDTV or most phones. So with a family of 5 that all have HD screens on their various devices this is a no go.

Standard : $15.49 with 1080p for 2 screens. So this account will cover most people. 2 screens are more than enough for most & the 1080p is totally fine.

Premium : $19.99 with 4K+HDR for 4 screens. This is what we need here as we’re all heavy media consumers. But $19.99 is just too much in my opinion. So it’s time to rotate it out with other streaming services when it’s time to binge.

Netflix New Rates 2022

The beauty of Cord cutting is that it was supposed to be cheaper and more convenient than cable companies. We passed that a long time ago sadly and I imagine we’re going to see a consolidation of streaming services soon. With the majors Netflix , Disney+ , HULU , Peacock , Paramount+ , HBO MAX , and well a billion others there are just too many for all the awesome content out there. So the smaller ones will start folding into the larger ones and without competition prices will continue to rise. So that’s why I’m working on What To Watch Right Now will show you the best of what’s streaming and where to find it.


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