She HULK trailer is finally here and it looks greatish. Because well it has Tatiana Maslany as She HULK / Jessica Walters & everything that she’s in is awesome. Seriously she’s perfect for this roll as she knows a thing or two about playing with different personalities. Ruffalo showing up as the HULK is awesome as well considering how little we’ve seen of him since Thanos kicked his ass. Best part of these Marvel series is showing us heroes & Villains’ that we wouldn’t get on the big screen. I can’t wait to see how they balance the personalities of Jessica & She Hulk. I think that will be an important balance to find to make the show great.

Titana & freaking Frog Man? Time Roth as the Abomination! It’s going to have Wong who should be in every Marvel project. Who knows what & who else they have in store for us. The CGI looks more than a little sus at the moment. But they have time to fix it but if not a 10 episode series with these CGI isn’t going to break me. I’m cool with the direction they are going in. Make all the different shows as different as possible. From serious Drama to Old school sitcoms & everything in between. I’m here for all of it and would love them as varied as the comics they are based on. So come on Marvel making things weird & give the lesser known characters their due. Just 2 more months until the Premiere on August 17, 2022 only on Disney +

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