Careful of minor spoilers if you’re not caught up on the series.

No seriously it’s best to go into this clean. Thanks for reading.

The Book of Boba Fett has been getting some flack online. I just don’t get it. Only things I could see as a possible issue is a little too much time in the Bacta Tank. A little to many flashbacks. But I personally think those parts are great. Think about it before now what did we know about Boba Fett? That he’s got terrible luck with Jedi & loved Christmas Carols. It’s great to fill in the pieces of his time after the Sarlacc Pit. I personally think they did it just right.

Now that he’s past the reintroduction of his character things are about to pick up. Heck they brought in the Mandalorian himself the last few episodes. Seriously how can you not love this series if you’re a star wars fan? It’s locales , It’s space ships , it’s classic characters , it’s music everything feels just right. It’s stuff that many of us nerds have been dreaming about for decades and now that it’s happening we’re complaining? Not me, I’m going to enjoy this ride after being starved of Star Wars goodness for many years(Live action of course as the animated & comics & books are amazing). At this time I’m going to happily feast on all they will give me. Seriously the seasons are only a Jabba sized handful of episodes why can’t you just accept them for what they are?

Temuera Morrison has been killing it as Boba Fett. Ming-Na Wen as Fennec Shand is well awesome as she’s always been. The Tusken Raiders being solid. The Jawas & the mod gang not to mention Danny Trejo himself. There is just so much goodness to be had. Then of course last few episodes Mando , Grogu , & Luke Skywalker. Yeah just watch it if you even think you might even like the Star Wars universe.

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