It’s been 5 years since the tragic murders of Abby Williams and Libby German. It’s been 5 years that a madman has been out there probably stalking their next victim/s . 5 years that Abby & Libby haven’t had justice. That’s gotta change. We have to stop this madman before he can strike again, if he hasn’t already. I don’t believe for a second this was his first crime or it will be his last.

Abby & Liberty deserve justice and it’s going to take all of us to get it for them. But at the same time it’s going to take just one of us to get it for them. It’s going to take the person that recognizes Bridge Guy from his outfit to his walk. From his voice, From actions before of after this crime. It’s going to be that one little piece that just clicks for someone.

The scumbag you see above is known as Bridge Guy. He’s known as Bridge Guy because the whole tragic event started on the Monon High Bridge in Delphi, IN. It’s an abandoned train bridge that’s used as a walking path. On that day Libby & Abby had the day off so they wanted to go hang out at the bridge. So Kelsi German the sister of Libby dropped them off. It was an unusually warm day for February in Indiana so it seemed like a great idea. But as we now know it was the stalking grounds of a monster. Abby had the sense , the bravery to use her phone to film a guy following them on the bridge. That is the biggest piece of evidence we have right now as the police haven’t revealed what was found at the crime scene.

Above is the video they have released. I understand they have more but have edited out Libby & Abby for understandable reasons. I think if there is anything else it’s time to release it or risk not catching this monster.

Below is the audio of Bridge Guy. Does he sound familiar? If so look at the clip above and if they match give a tip to the police.

So we don’t know if anything there is good enough evidence to catch the guy. We don’t know if the police botched that part. We do know that the police have botched the way they have given out the info they do have. Today is 5 years since this tragic event. It’s time for them to lay all the cards on the table. It’s time to give US the best chance possible to bring this monster to justice.

There are a LOT & I mean a LOT of suspects in this case. But that’s not why we’re here today & I will be going into that on a regular basis on the Crime Gazette when it launches soon. Along with many other cases trying to get victims & families the justice they deserve. To get monsters locked up so that there aren’t any more victims from them.

Delphi Murder Suspect Bridge Guy

If you know anything that could help the Carroll County Sheriff’s Office catch Bridge Guy & get justice for Abby & Libby contact them with this info. Remember even if it’s the smallest thing that could make all the difference in the world. Because while it may seem like not much to you it may connect pieces that the police have.

Tip Information Contacts
Tip Line: (765) 822-3535

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