I'm Back

Took most of the summer off but now that we’re entering spooky season it’s time to emerge from my hibernation. It’s been a good break from things other than my heart deciding it needed to beat over 200 times per second. But I’m rested and ready to get back in the game. It’s time to give news, share my opinion and have some fun.

We will be a little more political of course because midterms and we have to decide which candidates will screw us the least. But it’s also spooky season my favorite time of year so there will be Horror goodness as well. As you can see by our new spooky logo.

A month ago I thought I was going to die. My heart thought it was speed racer. But I’m going to be fine and I’m going to be using my time to have fun and make as big an impact on peoples lives. It’s going to be a long hard winter for many people and the Charity arm of XUFN is gearing up to help as many people as we possibly can. So let’s have fun and make this world a better place.

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