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XUFN What To Expect In 2022 & Beyond

Last few years have been tough. But it’s time for XUFN to return. It’s time to have fun & be a pain in the ass for those that deserve it. Time for a certain set of roaches to fear me again! We had big plans that were put aside because of 2020 & 2021. I am ready to restart and educate and entertain. In these trying time with covid & a President and Congress that have abandoned us it’s time to help where we can. Show people that together we can move mountains. Remind the government that they work for us. Each of us is a voice, all of us is as movement.

We will be keeping an eye on all sides and reporting what is actually going on not just what they say. Because as you know both sides are full of crap. Here are a few of our sister sites / Projects that will be coming in 2022. XUFN.com will have exclusive stories/events but also be highlights and links to the rest of our network.

These sites will be going live over the next few days. This is just the start. We have many more projects in the works. Some serious, lots fun. Some will just be sister sites of these I’ve listed below.

XUFN.org – The Charity wing of XUFN. That has started with JrXf.org but we have a lot more projects in the works including taking JrXf to the next level.

WTWRN.com – What To Watch Right Now will show you what to watch & where to watch it. With all the streaming sites out there now we need a place so we know where to catch our favorite movies & shows.

CrimeGazette.com – We will cover current crimes , Cold Cases , Podcasts , Missing Persons with the help of you and some hard work maybe help some justice be done.

ChudWatch.com – where we keep an eye on the very people that hide in the shadow like the roaches they are. The right wing madmen & madwomen that are trying to destroy Democracy

FanCreated.com – Where we celebrate the amazing artists in all media formats. Those that celebrate Horror, Sci-Fi and other properties that have been reimagined by YOU. Bringing attention to Fan Films will be a focus.

FuckWallSt.com – Where we expose all the dirty dealing of Wall St & the Elite in general. Shining a light on those that would use US as pawns.

DailyIrish.com – A site celebrating Irish Americans and our Brothers & Sisters from Ireland. News , Folklore , Reviews & Recipes .

WeekInHorror.com – Your place to catch up with what has happened This Week In Horror

WeirdStates.com – Weird States is where we will celebrate & report on all the weird things that happen or have happened in each of the United States of America

KindOfFunny.com – Where you will find the best of the funny from the Internet plus exclusive stuff produced by US.

AstronomyGeeks.com – Where we will report on the wonders of the sky.

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